: Please take this as the greatest compliment ever.... You look like dave grohl. Oh my I'm sorry this must sound silly.


Firstly, that IS the GREATEST compliment ever but I don’t think I look anything like him at all???

Thanks, anyway!


Is Dim Sum a place??? Or do you mean like Yum Cha??? I’m so uncultured. I don’t know but my favourite Chinese dish is choy sum. MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE. That and rice with soy sauce oh lordy, let’s have a Chinese vegetable party. I like custard egg tarts a lot too!

: Top 5 favourite album covers? Post photos and why.

1. The Beatles Revolver artwork by Klaus Voormann

I don’t have to explain this one. It’s magical. I don’t think any artist can come up with a better cover than this, seriously. This will ALWAYS blow my mind. This is the kind of stuff I aspire to create! The hair, the collage…The thing I like most about album covers is that you can see how they fit the sounds on the albums. This artwork communicates the music and the band so well.

2. Patti Smith Horses photographed by Robert Mapplethorpe

I love how Patti and Robert were each other’s artistic muse. When you look at the cover, you get such a strong sense of Patti’s presence and Robert’s skill and attention to detail. She said Robert made her rush outside one day to take a photo so they could catch the natural afternoon light and that’s when this photo was taken. 

3. Vampire Weekend Contra polaroid of Kirsten Kennis. 

Vampire Weekend always choose brilliant photographs for their covers! The funny thing about this cover is that Kirsten Kennis’s daughter came home one day with a Vampire Weekend CD and then she realised she was on the cover, so she sued the band. I thought that was an interesting story. Imagine if that happened to you AND the album was fantastic! But, it is a beautiful photograph. The colours are so great and she’s very photogenic, not to mention the cool Ralph Lauren polo. And the text is so simple yet so effective. I love it.

4. Cream Disraeli Gears artwork by Martin Sharp

This one is even crazier than Revolver because of all the crazy colours. And there are so many layers to all the patterns. I love the wings, most of all. If you kind of stare at it with blurred eyes it makes the band and the logo look like they’re three dimensional. 

5. Nirvana Nevermind photographed by Charles Peterson. 

I wouldn’t say this is my favourite cover of all time but it is probably the most important album artwork in terms of my own life. I was born in April, 1994 and my dad was a big Nirvana fan. So, growing up, I used to always browse through my dad’s huge CD collection. I was probably like 2 or 3 years old, I wouldn’t have even known what a CD was but, this cover always stood out to me from the hundreds of CDs we had. I was so captivated by it. And also, it was probably my first exposure to nudity in art so I was a little curious. Why would my dad own something like this? I’d always put the CD on the floor next to my toys, just as some kind of scenery. At the time I was listening to a bit of Nirvana and Hole from my dad but I still didn’t make the connection. It wasn’t until about ten years later when I got curious enough and finally listened to the album. I don’t know, it’s just very sentimental to my childhood I guess. It’s just so weird for me because the first time I discovered Nirvana for myself, I recognised so much. It was just like childhood flashbacks, the good flashbacks, too.

The cover is great. It says so much. The whole photo shoot is brilliant. Coincidentally the album itself is one of the greatest albums of all time, or at least the last grand statement album. I also love that the theme of the photo shoot recurs in the video clips, too. I love how there is always a fully resolved concept with all things visual with Nirvana. 

: Top 10 favourite Kinks songs?

Set Me Free

Such A Shame

You Shouldn’t Be Sad


All Day and All of The Night

You Really Got Me

Don’t You Fret

Well Respected Man

Dancing In The Street

So Long

: What's the most underrated Beatles song? Most overrated? (if there is one in your mind)

Hmm I think Hey Bulldog is probably the must underrated Beatles song. No one really mentions it but it’s such a great tune!

Most overrated…if I had to pick one, maybe Yellow Submarine. 

: Selfie... NOW

: Favourite piece of jewellery? Post a photo!

You did good, kid!

: are you learning chinese?


Not at this stage, no. Only basic essential words at the moment. I’m not sure if I will study it while I’m here. We’ll see how things go.

: Who would win in a fist fight... Keith Moon or John Bonham?

BONZO. Have you seen his arms???


Kiara Kabukuru by Lacey for Muse


Kiara Kabukuru by Lacey for Muse


fun drinking game: take a shot of water every couple hours to make sure you’re healthy and hydrated

: What do you miss most about Australia?

Not a lot. My friends, I guess. Mmm and the food. 

: What's your least favourite thing about China so far?


: What's your favourite thing about China so far?

The rice is pretty good

this is the second week of living with my roommate, right, right, right and she speaks english, not grand eloquent native tongue english but good enough for me but you wait my pretties, in twelve months time she’ll be reciting monty python sketches line for line ACCENT AND ALL AHAHAHAHAHA

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